Use Of Gadgets To Monitor Your Health At Work

health at work

Have you ever think about the use of Gadgets to monitor your health at work? This is a growing tendency you may don’t want to let go so easily.

A few weeks ago, I read an article from Entrepreneur magazine, I found it very interesting and I’d like to add just a few thinks and summarize others.

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Use Of Gadgets To Monitor Your Health At Work

As a new tendency, it is natural to think that the use of gadgets is practically new and they came to stay, that is a fact, and transform your life, personal and professional.

The simple and main advantage you can perceive is about the monitoring capabilities of the heart rate sensors, brain activity sensors and motion monitors, this last one to be the most popular and common nowadays. Different studies found that these features increase the productivity and health benefits of people that use devices to monitor their health at work.

health at work

Are they beneficial to your work?

Many people may say no, however, I think the use of technology is in diapers and there is so much to say about this.

You can wear a gadget any time and for many reasons. You can find in this website many examples oriented to sports gadgets but as you can find out, they also will help you to achieve better goals at work and in your sleep and rest hours.

That is why I wanted to write this posts, because I think wearables will improve our performance even in our professional live, for example, if you’ve been working long hours, the gadget can send you a signal that you need to move, this will not distract you from your task, but to inspire and help you to circulate blood to all parts of the body, take deep breathing and keep your energy at high levels so you can finish the job with fewer mistakes.

Are companies adopting this tendency?

Indeed. You can find companies promoting that their employees use a wearable so they can learn to manage their personal health, reduce their absences and improve their overall performance by being healthier.

Also, mobile apps and gadget keep people connected to their offices and that will keep a good balance between health and work.

health at work

What are they for?

Keeping track of your steps? Yes, of course, but not just that. Since a few years ago, there are gadgets that can do a lot more of that.

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Also, you don’t have to imagen a wristband, also, there are smart glasses that can give you special access to secured areas. And that will keep your company secure.

Apps that are specially designed for wearables will help you to control and improve your time-management activities, and of course, keep track of your health in the meanwhile.

Real-time communication is also something to consider every time you are fully connected.

This is all part of a huge tendency which is Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) and that you can take advantage to improve your Health At Work.

You can also use it to your advantage and gather the information you need to improve your personal and professional life, especially if you want to use it to better your sports performance and at the same time, keep connected to your office.

Gadgets that keep track of your awake periods or your sleep cycles combine with heart rate monitoring and performance data will give you the insights on how is your health and how this can impact your life and reach your wellness goals.

Are there any problems?

Perhaps. Data may not be as accurate as anyone like because they are such brand new devices that can lead you to bad results. Nothing that the curve of maturity of technology will solve in a couple of years.

Allowing not secure devices in your office can lead to a stolen information or hacking issues. This is a huge entry barrier for these devices into our lives.


At the end, the use of gadgets to monitor your health at work is something you can take advantage of if you want to improve your performance every minute of every day. Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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