Freestyle Soccer Tricks

soccer tricks

Now that we are enjoying two major world soccer competition, the UEFA Europe Cup, and the American Cup, I thought it would be a good idea bring you some Freestyle Soccer Tricks to enjoy this beautiful sport.

The next three videos are pretty good, two of them are of women practicing these freestyle and one of them is a compilation of great tricks. Although these are not Women’s competition, they are great doing this.

Freestyle Soccer Tricks

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the first video:

Amazing Freestyle Football Women

Great, isn’t it?

Amazing Street Football Skills By Lisa

The next video is from an Amazing 16-year-old girl. She is Lisa and she has really good skills with the ball, her information contact is:

FACEBOOK : Lisa Female Freestyle Ball
TWITTER : LisaFreestyle
INSTAGRAM : LisaFreestyle
Contact :

She has more than 1.5million views… I wonder why…

Soccer Tricks Shoots

Finally, this is a great compilation of different trick shots.

These are amazing, aren’t they? Let us know your opinion on these Freestyle Soccer Tricks and if you or someone you know have been practicing them.

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