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The Nike+ FuelBand SE is the most recent fitness band from Nike. This review is intended to give you the best information about this gadget. This is actually the second fitness band from Nike but with some upgrades.

Although Nike has some other gadgets, this is still a popular choice that will comply with all the needs of fitness practitioners, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a well-trained athlete, you may like this band.

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Nike+ FuelBand SE

Product description

The Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker is a wristband designed to keep track of your daily activity (and nightly activity). It will help you, encourage you, and motivate you to do some “moves”. Also, with its application, you can increase your tracking and reporting of your exercises in a smart, simple, and funny way.

It is a smart way to get more active and this gadget has a very precise way to track your moves, how much, how often and how intense is whatever you are doing.

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Colors and physical aspects

You can choose it in different colors, black, pink, orange and yellow and in three sizes, which are small, medium/large and x-large. And it includes two easy-to-insert links for a fine-tuned fit.

There are some special versions or limited editions in the same colors and new ones depending on its availability.

The interface of this device is composed of an array of 100 white LEDs.

Nike+ FuelBand SE 1In this display you can read how many calories you have burned, steps taken and the popular time and hours of exercise. To display this information, you can double tap the LED display.

It also has a second row of 20 colored LEDs, red and green and the main idea of these are to show your daily goals and how far you are to accomplish them.

In order to save some energy, the ambient light sensor detects environmental light levels and adjusts accordingly wich help you to keep your battery life.

You will have connectivity to Bluetooth 4.0 devices, so you can see your statistics on a smartphone or a tablet.

The USB charging cable and sizing tool are both included in the box.

It has been claimed that it’s comfortable to use. It looks great. It can be used indoor, outdoors, at the gym or at work and it will always match.

 => People will notice and ask you about it, that’s for sure <=


Nike has a special feature: Nike Fuels. It is like points, a reward program that starts after you set up your basic information (height, weight, and daily goals) and collects those points after your day to day exercise, steps count or wrist movements.

The main idea is to keep you motivated so you reach your daily goals and share them and compare your progress with friends (of course with another wristband) or the community affiliated with NikeFuel program.

Nike+ FuelBand SE 6

Nike+ Sessions

There is a “con” with this device, it cannot “guess” your actual activity unless you tell the gadget. You have to program it with the activity you are doing. It is also a “pro” from another point of view, the device will measure exactly what you are doing, and yes, this is perfect for exercises where your wrist is quite like the bicycle. This feature is called Nike+ Sessions.

You can choose the exercise from your smartphone or mobile device, and there are some available like skateboarding, tennis and basketball. Believe it or not, Sleep is a session also so it can monitor your sleeping time.

Win the Hour: Receive Move reminders that give you an extra push to get you moving every hour. Nike+ Sessions: Keep track of the intensity of your workouts through NikeFuel so you can understand what activities earn you the most. Nike+ Groups: Opens up more ways to connect with your friends so you can keep each other going. – From Nike

“Win the Hour”

This is another new function and nice feature that is dedicated to motivating you to move more, especially if your work is a sedentary work. For example, if you have to work a typical 9-5 hours job at a desk. Every hour, you need to move or be active for at least 5 minutes, then, you “win an hour”. Collect those hours so you can stay active and you’ll gain health.

Nike+ FuelBand SE 5


The battery should be one of the most important things to consider, in my opinion, I don’t like gadgets or things that I have to charge every night or during the day (imagine my frustration with smartphones all day long).

Even tough, Nike claims their battery last for 4 days, you’ll find in some user reviews that it can last 7 or 8 days. This is great!

You can charge it to a USB port or using the same cable to an electrical plug.

Nike+ FuelBand SE

Software and App

With the app, and software you can keep track and counts steps, tells time, displays your progress in real time, earn points. You can see badges (your wins) you get after your activity, which of course are good motivation to keep on going.

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Third Party Reviews

Just in case, you can watch this other video before jumping to our conclusions and product review summary.

Final conclusions on Nike+ FuelBand SE

For this review, I’m giving some points according to the next Pros and Cons of the Product:

– Looks good and feels comfortable as explained in the beginning of the Review.
– The LEDs screeNike+ FuelBand SE 4n is great, and the rainbow-colored LEDs are the good way to keep track of your activity in a visual manner.
– It’s also a good watch, to some reviewers, the best one among the fitness trackers.
– Water resistant.
– Nike Fuel points.
– iOS app.
– Charge with USB port.
– Long lasting Battery charge.

– Not waterproof (don’t go swimming or diving with it please).
– Sleep tracking activity must be manually set.
– It can’t track anything else besides walking and running.

Where can I get it?

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I hope this Review on the Nike+ FuelBand SE Review is useful for your purposes and we’ll love to hear your experience with it.

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Nike+ FuelBand SE


Look and feel


Battery life


Water proof/resistant


Nike points and rewards


Tracking activities



  • Looks good and feels comfortable
  • The LEDs screen is great
  • Water resistant
  • Nike Fuel points
  • Long lasting Battery charge


  • Not waterproof
  • Sleep tracking activity must be manually set

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