The Most Inspirational Moments at the Olympics Rio 2016

Inspirational Moments

Now that the Olympic games have come to an end, I’d like to share some of, what I think, the most inspirational moments lived at Rio 2016.

Bronze is as good as Gold?

You may think not, but every athlete has its merit. They are great just for being there. And winning a medal should be an amazing thing to any person that worked for it.

This is the case of Fu Yhanhui. She didn’t realize a the beginning that she won the Bronze medal and she was more than thrilled about it. She became a sensation in their country and around the globe just for her expression. Watch her in the next video:

Ethiopean Runner

Etenesh Diro, an Ethiopian who run and was leading 3000-metre steeplechase women’s competition got into troubles when an athlete was knocked from behind and cause a collision with other runners. After she lost some seconds trying to fasten her shoe, she decided to throw it away. A few moments after that, she also lost her sock.

Inspirational moments

Michael Phelps

Definitely, he needs some enormous recognition. He is at this time, the most decorated athlete in the Olympic games history. He now has 23 gold medals (28 medals total). No other athlete has more than nine gold medals, so imagine to have 23!

Here you have the video:

At this moment, I like to say he is not just great for doing that, but he got to get better after a complicated depression. He read a book that also, I like to recommend because great athletes in sports are not just about having an impressive amount of fans, training or food, there is also spirituality and mind involved.

Here is the book:

1,000 Gold Medals

It is definitely impressive. U.S. team got its 1,000th Gold Medal after the women’s 4×1000 meter medley relay.

Honor to those who deserve and to a country that promotes sports and incentive people to perform to their best.

Fastest men on Earth

He worth mention of course, Usain Bolt is the fastest men on Earth. It is amazing his velocity. You just need to see the next video at the momento he won his 3rd Gold Medal (3 in each of the last three Olympic competitions).

1st Gold Medal

On the other hand to the last point, Fiji, a pretty small country (island) on the South Pacific won its first Gold Medal. Actually its first at all.

They won it in a collective sport: Rugby. They are so happy that they are already having today, August 22nd, a public holiday so they can celebrate along with their team. I’m pretty sure they will celebrate for some hours.

Everything counts

Everything counts to win a medal, ethically of course, and that goes to Shaunae Miller, she literally dive just getting to the final moment of the race. But, that brings her 0.02 seconds, just enough to win the Gold Medal. Watch the action here:

It’s about winning… BIG!

I’m talking about Katie Ledecky who just set a new World Record. And as you can see in the next video, she won with a 5 second advantage to the next competitor… WOW! that is winning!

Well, those were just a few. Do you have other Inspirational Moments to share?

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