Fitbit Charge HR – Review

Fitbit Charge HR

Next, you can read our Fitbit Charge HR Review to see if this wristband is the best for you. It has some important differences between the latest two ones that we reviewed, but I think you may like it because of the Hear Rate sensor, keep reading!

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Fitbit Charge HR – Review

Ok, let’s review this Fitbit Charge HR in more detail.

This wristband from FitBit is just one of some other products the manufacture with the intention to help you keep track and monitor your physical activity. This particular one has embedded a heart rate sensor, you have it on your wrist so you don`t have to buy an independent monitor, which is a great advantage for many of us.

First, I’d like to share the first video about this HR, it is from YouTube but it is a good excerpt you can check before reading more details.

You can see your heart rate all day, most important, during your workouts so you can get a more accurate calorie burn data, then, you can maximize your training time to reach your fitness goals. It also tracks steps, distance, floors climbed and sleep quality.

Basic features

There are some basic features we like to summarize in the next table:

No. Feature
1 Continuos heart rate monitoring
2 Automatic heart rate monitoring
3 Simplified heart rate zones
4 Track: workouts – heart rate – distance – calories burned – steps.
5 It monitors your sleep
6 It can wake you up with a silent alarm
7 It integrates with your smartphone
8 It shows call notifications
9 It shows time and day

All of these features makes this gadget a #1 Best Seller in many categories as you’ll see in a few moments.

PurePulse Heart Rate

This is probably the best feature you can have in a wristband. You can get continuous and automatic heart rate monitoring without the need of an external strap like it happens with many other wristbands in the market.

As you can see in the featured image in this article, you can find the sensor on the back side of the device and it measure your pulse thanks to the light sensor, right on your wrist, all day long.

There is no other wristband in the market, that has this capability, that costs this little, is this small and it connects to a very good app.


Some other wristband features

This may not be the best-looking wristband, that is to me, a disadvantage, but it measures all other main features that are important to track your fitness goals.

First of all, it is a step-counting band, you can see them in the OLED display, which I should say, it is elegant, although the band it is not.

Another great advantage it has, you can connect and synchronize your data with almost any smartphone and computer, even if you have an Android or an iPhone, you can be sure you will connect it and see all the features in a good screen. It also has a very good template so you can see your data in a fashionable way.

The battery life is impressive I must say. As this is a small device, the battery can last for four days without charging which provides a second best quality over the others wristbands in the market.

The OLED display is little but it shows you the information you need just by pressing the display, you can see the time, steps and other data available.

You know can also track your sleeping activity.


You can find the Fitbit Charge HR comes in many colors and sizes.

It has a built-in accelerometer and barometer and with these possibilities, you can have important data on the things we said before like steps and heart rate but also in elevation if you are climbing stairs and of course, the intensity of your workout, it can differentiate either if you are walking or running. When you are about to start a training session, you can have specific data about it with different timer, and you can also track your average and peak heart rate in that particular session.

App design

Its app is really good and fashionable. You can set “fat burning” zones. It is calculated by a formula according to your age and heart rate measures. Zones are color-coded as yellow for the fat-burning area, orange for cardio and red for the peak.

As said before, it can run on Android or iOS devices, but also in Windows computers. It includes a USB dongle syncs to your computer wirelessly or via Bluetooth. But it also connects to third party applications.

It offers plenty of customizations like gesture shortcuts, tracking food, water and weight, turning the heart rate sensor on and off.

Fitbit Charge HR

Pricing and where to buy

The Fitbit Charge HR can be bought at Amazon, which I think is the best place to acquire it.

By the day I made this review (March 3rd, 2016) this gadget is the best seller in the following categories:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

  • #8 in Health & Personal Care
  • #1 in Health & Personal Care > Wellness & Relaxation > Fitness & Activity Monitors > Activity Trackers
  • #1 in Health & Personal Care > Medical Supplies & Equipment > Health Monitors
  • #1 in Sports & Outdoors > Sports & Fitness > Accessories > Wristbands

You can see the see the next box about its price:

Final conclusion

I think this is the best wristband in the market, especially for the heart rate sensor that is embedded and the price for it.

It has a good continuous heart rate tracking, affordable price, Fitbit is very popular, it works with an MAC, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

The problem I think is the designed, the LED display is good but small and it is not swim-friendly.

You can read the summarized review below. I hope this Fitbit Charge HR – Review was useful for you and let us know what you think. If you want to but it, follow the button below.

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Fitbit Charge HR


PurePulse Heart Rate




Integration with iPhone







  • Activity tracking is quite good
  • The battery last to four day which is a lead in the market
  • The pricing is terrific for the features
  • The heart rate is very accurate


  • The design is old and the display is small

4 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge HR – Review”

  1. This review is great, I read the other and I’m definitely trying this FitBit, the thing that I really like is the HR sensor included, I hate the heart rate sensors with a strap, something you can’t forget and sometimes, they are uncomfortable. I had an old FitBit but I need to change it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Daniele, thank you very much for coming and leave a comment. You are right, sometimes, heart rate sensors are uncomfortable. This feature is just one, and I also like it very much. There is another advantage and is the software and the application, both are very good. I’m glad you like the article and please, come back and let us know how this gadget works for you.

  2. Hello. This is a great review, I though I could buy one but with this article, I’m definitely convinced it is a good gadget. The think I like the most is the heart rate sensor, I think it is quite convenient that it is embedded in the wristband.

    1. Tracey, I also believe that. The heart rate sensor embedded in the Fitbit Charge HR is a major. It makes it more comfortable and convenient as you say. It is easy to keep track of every movement you do and every sport you practice. I hope you enjoy your Fitbit and I hope you come back and let us know what you think of it in your day to day activities.

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