Build Your Own Home Gym

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If you want to build your own home gym you may want to read some of these tips to start and better your performance at home at the same time.

Once you get used to the gym you will never want to leave, so maybe for times when it is difficult to go outside (because of the weather or for work) then, it can be a good idea to build your own home gym.

It does not have to be expensive and you don’t have to buy machines, but it could be better and I am going to give you some ideas about this.

Build Your Own Home Gym

You can use some of your own home items as a workout equipment. This tendency has been very popular for few years know but it tends to increase. The magnificent part of it is you don’t have to be a gym expert, you can be a newbie, and get a nice home gym.

A home gym can be a great asset. The idea here is to start with some task at your level and increase the complexity as soon as you increase your performance, otherwise, it could be a difficult task to complete.

Let’s review some tips you may need in order to start building your personal (or home) gym:

build your own home gym

Space is important

Choosing the right space at home is quite important. If you are planning to build your gym in the middle of your living room you will find it will be uncomfortable to watch TV or to receive people at your home, then, you will get rid of it sooner than expected.

Look carefully for the perfect spot! If you have a room you can use it will be better but not everybody will have much space to dedicate to your gym, then select a space that can serve as a gym and can have another function, like a relaxing space or install it in the backyard, maybe at your car garage.

If you are planning to install some accessories or exercise machines you should consider the height of your ceiling or maybe that they have enough space to work. What about the floor in the room? Is it concrete or you have a carpet. How thickness is it?

If the floor of your room is a rough and complicated, you can add to it some exercise Mat with High Quality EVA Foam, this definitely helps you with your floor routine.

You can get it from Amazon:

build your own home gym

High-quality equipment

If you are going to exercise at home, you better use quality equipment in order to minimize your risk of an injury, so you better ask yourself which is the best equipment to use for your workout.

And of course, as we said before, you need the proper equipment for your space. If you have small space, then mats, hand weights, and others are better. Of course, treadmills you can fold are also a good option.

If you decide to have some equipment that can not fold, then it will be better to buy something that accommodates your space and also fits your room and leaves some space for comfort.

Let’s see a basic list of a couple of workout equipment if you lack space:

Valeo MB10 10-Pound Medicine Ball

With a medicine ball you can improve your balance and coordination, and also it helps develop core strength by exercising several muscles at once. You can get it different weights.

You can also opt for a Balance Ball.

Another useful equipment, if you don’t have much space, are the Bowflex Dumbbells where you can combine 15 sets of weights into a unique dial system. You can change your resistance on each dumbbell from 5 pounds and up to 52.5 pounds.

Finally, another recommendation for little space to build your own home gym are the resistance bands. Of course, there is another recommendation depending on your taste and needs.

For example, if you want a treadmill, check our reviews on some of them at the top menu of this website, here are just a few links:

Later, I’ll show you the more sophisticated equipment you can get if you have a complete room to build your own home gym.

Take care of your money

I think this is a good advice especially if you are new at this and if you are building your own gym for the first time and you are a newbie at exercising.

This is mostly because if you are not sure if this is going to work, then it could be complicated and you may feel the need to spend lots of money on something that you will regret later.

Start building your gym from little to something more complex. Step-by-step and as long as you see results, you will feel better and will be able to do more and different kinds of exercising.

In the previous section I recommended some basic equipment, which by the way, it is not quite expensive.

Also, in this website you can find recommendation for treadmill under $200 or $500. You can start here, or maybe, look for some:

Or, if you have money and are building a nice gym and want some workout machines, with lots of functions, check the Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym, take a look at this beauty:

It’s up to you! Everything!

There are more considerations you have to take at this time. Maintenance is all up to you! And some workout machines and some accessories must be clean more often than you think in order to keep them in optimal conditions.

Clean it after each workout, consider this as an extra workout 🙂

Of course, you are not paying a monthly fee to go to another gym, you probably paid it in advance. So the principal problem here is you may not feel the urge to go, but please, do something! take advantage of you home gym. Schedule some time every day so you can take advantage of it.

You may need someone to teach you to use it in a proper way. Ask a personal trainer if he/she can teach you to use the workout equipment so you won’t get hurt and maximize your workout.

Ask your physician or a professional trainer if you need or you have doubts. This is a must!

Talk to your friends and family, let them know you are going to exercise at home just in case of an accident.

build your own home gym

Enjoy it

Finally, last piece of advice. Enjoy your gym. Decorate it with charts, posters, paint it in your favorite color, use a stereo or connect it to your iPod or your computer so you can play your favorite music.

Make it a nice place, now that you Build Your Own Home Gym you have to like it that wants you to come back.

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