Bowling Trick Shots

bowling trick shots

Keeping in the same sport (you now know I love bowling!), I’d like to share a video about bowling trick shots from Dude Perfect people. They made excellent videos and I’m sure you will love this too.

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Bowling Trick Shots

Jason Belmonte

Before watching the video, the bowling trick shots are made by Jason Belmonte (official site:

Watch the video here:

From the Wikipedia page:

Jason Belmonte (born 29 July 1983 in Orange, New South Wales), an Australian ten-pin bowler, is a professional player on the PBA Tour in the United States and world circuits. He is known for using the rare two-handed “shovel” style to deliver his shot. He has won 12 PBA titles, including six major tournaments, and is a three-time PBA Player of the Year.

Belmonte’s father opened the Orange Ten Pin Bowl when Jason was a toddler. As a result, he started rolling a ball at 18 months. Interviewed in 2009, he commented: “The only problem for me though was as an 18-month-old baby boy lifting a nine- to 10-pound (4-4.5kg) bowling ball … it was a little hard, so like all babies I pushed the ball with two hands.” In doing so he developed a two-handed style which he uses today, placing only two fingers and no thumb in the ball to produce more revolutions.[1] He started competing at the age of three, winning his first event at the age of four. At the age of five, he had a league average of 117 and a high game of 179.

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This is another video, it is not a bowling trick shots as is, but it shows the accuracy of Belmo’s drill:

As you can see, this a great sport and those tricks are awesome. I hope you enjoy the bowling as an option and you can play a different sport. Let me know how this goes.

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