The Most Common Bowling Supplies

Bowling Supplies

Continuing a little bit further from our latest post Bowling Tips for Beginners, I’d liked to enlist just a few bowling supplies you may need in this endeavour.

First, I have to say that most (if not all) of the bowlers already have some of them you can borrow (or rent) anytime you want to play, like balls and shoes, so, in the strict sense, you don’t need anything to practice this sport.

Bowling Supplies

Most of the bowling supplies you’ll need you can find them in a Pro Shop, specific for bowling and other alternatives shops, and the great thing about the Internet is you can find them online.

Bowling Bags

These should be a must if you own a bowling ball. It’s important to protect it and it will be better if it has some compartments for carrying extra things like gloves, wristbands, etc.

There are many types, but I selected the best two that have pretty good reviews at Amazon, two different kinds.

Bowling Supplies

BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag (Black)

This bag is a heavy duty fabric bag. It has a separate side shoe compartment that can hold Men’s shoes of size 14. It has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. You can remove the foam ball cup if needed for clean up and also, it has a zippered personal organizer pocket.

You can find them in many different colors like blue, pink, black, purple, red, and orange. Here is a picture of this bag in red color:

On of the reviews that call to me more attention said:

Based on price, material, zippers, design, function and quality of craftsmanship, this bag is great.
As far as durability, it’s lasted two years now and still looks new and functions as new. Pretty good considering it got simply tossed into the back bed of my truck each week to make its journey to and from the local bowling center.

You can get it from Amazon by clicking the next button:

KR Strikeforce Eliminator 2-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

There is another kind, and if the ones with rollers. Those are very good in case you are having troubles carrying the ball (or up to three balls in some cases).

Those bags tend to be bigger so you can carry more things like uniforms or clothes.

The one I love them most is the KR Strikeforce Eliminator 2-Ball Roller Bowling Bag. This 2-ball bag is useful if you and someone else in your family play, but also if you are a more experienced player and use different kinds of bowling balls according to your playing characteristics.

This bag is made from fabric, it has a “Lock & Roll” retractable round color-coordinated locking handle extends to 36-Inch, it comes in black and red (at the time I wrote this article), it has a large front accessory pocket and 3-Inch wheels.

Next, you can see a picture of this bag.

As this is a big one, from a review you can see the dimensions and how practical it is:

…I have two 14 lb bowling balls that it fits perfectly. It also has enough space to fit all of my bowling accessories inside. I wear size 8.5 shoes and they fit in the top compartment just fine. I’m assuming it could probably hold up to size 12 or 13, but I’m just guessing.

The side pocket is large enough it holds two of my towels plus some cleaning supplies…

You can get it from Amazon by clicking the next button:

Bowling shoes

The bowling shoes is an important gear you have to consider if you want to practice bowling in different places or even tournaments. It is better to have a pair of shoes on your own instead of expecting every bowler has a good pair that matches your size feet.

The shoes are special, they can’t be just a sneaker. A pair of shoes has a flat sole. You can get from small sizes (children’s velcro fastening shoes) to large sizes of adult ones. They should be specially designed to protect the floors and at the same time, allow you to slide smoothly on the lanes.

Again, the selection of a pair of shoes depends on a lot on your taste and what you like, but, to be sure they are going to last and are of a good quality, you better buy a good brand like Brunswick or Dexter Jack. BSI is also a good brand.

Here you can see a pair or you can start to select it from here:

Brunswick Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes

In this particular case, these are synthetic, Soft durable man-made upper, Komfort-Fit construction, textile lined with padded tongue and collar, non-marking rubber outsole and microfiber slide pad on both feet with FlexSlide Technology.

The Wrist support

The wrist support is another important accessory. Taking into consideration that the bowling ball weights from 6-16 lbs, some new bowlers can put the weight on the wrist. Safety here is important.

In this case, this is the description of the wrist support that can help you to take care of your hand and wrist:

Description: … The Brunswick Air Command Positioner Left Hand is light weight and has metal supports in both the front and back. It is designed for to support your wrist for a powerful release. The fabric allows for easy evaporation and the three velcro straps provide a secure comfortable fit! … Metal supports in both the front and back are designed to provide comfort and support while placing the wrist and hand in the proper position for a powerful release. Fabric construction improves comfort allowing perspiration to easily evaporate. Three velcro straps provide both comfort and a secure fit.

This is the one we are talking about:

You can get it here:

Finally, we can talk a little bit about the Bowling Ball. Although we are considering a complete article about this topic, let’s read the basics.

Bowling Balls

There are basically two types of bowling balls, the ones you use to take the first shot which is unbalanced to take the curve and the ones that perfectly balance to take a straight shot. You can read again our latest post: Bowling Tips for Beginners.

The lightest ball is 6 lbs and the heaviest is 16 lbs (you can find util 18 lbs but it is not usual). In the bowlers, you can find them on those weights and with different grip sizes to match your fingers, usually are color-coded weighted like the featured image of this article.

But, you can get a bowling ball of your own and take it to a bowler so they can make the grips specifically for your size.

There are in great designs and here are some examples:

The Ebonite Maxim Captain Midnight Bowling Ball is one of the favorites, my daughter has one in orange of 10 lbs, she’s 10 years-old and she absolutely adores it.

Its coverstock is hard polyester.

I chose another one to show you, and it is Storm Tropical Breeze Bowling Ball. It is a reactive ball, its coverstock is Reactor(TM) Hybrid Reactive, its core is Camber(TM) Core and its finish: 1500-grit Polished. A terrific ball:

If you can get any of those balls, click the button below so you can look for your favorite one:

I hope you liked this Bowling Supplies article, let me know what you think or what are your expectations for this sport.

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