Bike Helmet And Safety

Bike Helmet And Safety

Bike Helmet and safety are not just words put together for consideration, they are related and choosing the right helmet can save your life. Read some tips and recommendations about them.

Even if you are biking or cycling, which both are pretty similar but not the same, you have to take care of yourself, and a helmet is a little bit more that choosing something to look good over your head.

A helmet is an essential part of your gear when you are going for a ride. There were reported that by 2010, more than half a million biking injuries required emergency care, most of them related to one of the most important parts of your body, your head.

Bike Helmet And Safety

The problem with head injuries is that it can bring not just short-term problems but also long-term disabilities. Almost 50 percent of the injuries we mention above were related to head injuries, and 60 percent of those ended in a tragic death.

Obviously, not wearing a helmet increase the risk of a fatal injury.

One of the worst statistics is that too many of that injuries happened to kids, and parents must set an example and wear the right helmet.

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Here are some of the main reasons to wear a helmet:

Prevent an injury

As claimed before, to prevent an injury is better to relate a Bike Helmet And Safety for you. For this, you have to select the right and the one that protect you the best.

Let’s watch a short video on how to choose the right one:


Part of your safety includes that other people see you, especially car drivers if you are riding a bike on an important highway or just leaving your neighborhood.

You can choose then, a helmet that has some reflective strips. This will improve the visibility of car drivers and make you more visible. This is great if you exercise very early in the morning or pretty close to the night at evening hours. You can choose a brightly colored helmet.

Weather Protection

Always, the weather is unpredictable so wearing a helmet can also protect you from this. It is good even if you are riding in rain or intense sun. If you live and exercise in places with strong winter, some helmets can keep you warm, and for your head, it is quite useful.

How to fit it

I like to share another video I found about how to fit and adjust a helmet, you might find this useful

Bike Helmet Brands & Best Sellers

Now, let’s check some of the best-rated helmets on the market:

Schwinn Thrasher

With a rate of 4.4 stars review (as Feb 21st, 2016), is one of the best helmets you can find on Amazon. It is an adult bike helmet with Dual Fit adjustable design, 21 integrated flow vents to keep the rider cool, moisture-wicking pads keep rider’s head dry, an easy-to-adjust webbing that ensures a comfortable fit.

The Giro Revel Helmet is build in-mold polycarbonate with EPS as impact foam, 22 vents and a visor. You can select different colors on Amazon website.

Another good one is Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet if you are a BMX or skate helmet. It was tested and approved by US CPSC Safety Standard, with a classic skate design. It has 11 vents and high-quality EPS. Its design also keeps your head dry and irritation-free.

The best one we found from Bell Solar is the Bell Sports Solar Cycling Helmet which was constructed with in-mold micro shell, it has a special fit system and cam-lock levers, 23 vents for cooling and weights only 252 grams.

Let’s check one more.

The Gonex Road/Mountain Cycling Bike Helmet forms a unique and beautiful, diverse styles of fashion, hole design more reasonable, more ventilation is suitable, more comfortable. It has 23 integrated flow vents to keep the rider cool and is Equipped with the front brim.

There are other helmets you can check if you like to see some other styles, functions, BMX helmets, among other characteristics, check the next list:

Fox Racing Flux Helmet – Women’s Blue, L/XL
Triple Eight Certified Rubber Helmet (Gun Mat, Small/Medium)
Giro Savant Bike Helmet – Matte Black/White Large
Razor Full Face Youth Helmet (Black)

Remember Bike Helmet And Safety should be together. Get one and get safe.

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