Apple Watch Sport Review

Apple Watch Sport Review

Loved by many people, hated by others, today I like to share the Apple Watch Sport Review and some videos I could find about this gadget.

Apple Watch Sport Basic Characteristics

First, some basic characteristics about this watch. It has an Apple S1 chip as its system chip, with 8 GB of storage, with the Apple watchOS (Operative System) with a 42 mm display, approximately 1,5 inches diagonally. It has a 246 mAh battery.

This watch enables you to enjoy their functions no matter if you are a technology fan or a sports fan.

It will help you to keep your tasks organize every day, and as an Apple device, you should connect it to your iPhone so you can make and receive calls, dictate text messages, browse to some apps and of course, track your fitness activity.

The side button will give you access to some features, like access your contact list.

This Sports watch, being a little different from the Apple Watch has an 18-hour battery life.

It is available in four different finishes: silver, gold, rose gold, and space gray.

Apple Watch Sport Review


As you can see in the prior picture, the Apple Sport Watch is elegant, pretty similar to the normal Apple Watch, but a little bit better on price (we will get to that in a moment).

Here is a video of the Apple Sports Watch Review Unboxing:

It is quite easy to swap out the bands that are available in case you want to change colors or types. By pressing the buttons on the back, the ones next to the heart rate monitor the band slides out of the watch.

The colors are serious and make the watch looks futuristic, that is a great feature in all of the Apple products, they are always designed with class.

You can find a heart rate monitor on the back side of the watch, which is a major advantage for this gadget compare to other watches that need an independent monitor.

I couldn’t find any complains about this monitor, I found that every was happy with it because it is accurate and reliable.

As it has some other functions, you can also find a speaker and a microphone on the left side.

It may sound wear but taking a phone call in it is an interesting feature, especially if you need to use a hands-free device if you are driving your car or while typing on the keyboard of a computer.

The screen is great and has so many functions, pretty commonly used in the iPhone, like click (press it), double-click (double press it), and press-and-hold, of course, the use of Siri facilitates some functions like texting on it.

The button below is used to turn off your watch, that is if you want to turn it off or need to reset it, because, as any other computer device, sometimes it gets stuck or you need some function to start.

Apple Watch Sport Review


The Apple Watch iOS application is available on all compatible iPhones, those above version 5. It allows setting up everything on your watch from your iPhone. Of course, it is easier to move and manage because of the big screen on the phone.

You can set up notifications, text size, sounds, brightness, among other features.


If you have an iPhone already you’ll find out that the apps behave the same way, if you don’t, you should consider getting one because the watch is a complement to the iPhone.

Even though, it will take some time to navigate through the apps, buttons, and screen interactions.

All the apps and notifications can easily be accessed in the display, and, as this is a Sports watch, you can access a Health and Fitness application on the watch.

The next video is a 53-minute video! But don’t get scared yet!, Jump to the Track Health and Fitness at minute 32:40 to see how these applications are set on, which, are related to this website.

Battery lifetime

Apple claims that this is an 18-hour battery life. Of course, in lab conditions, because if you use it to make some calls, track your fitness activity, you play some games in it, it will last just a few hours.

There are people that do some activities and by the end of the day, it has at least 30% charge, which is pretty good. If you compare to other watches, it is quite poor although.

The best part is you can use it as your iPhone complement and you don’t have to take it out of your pocket.

Some people hate it

Let’s give some space to the cons of this watch. I’m sharing a video of a valid opinion, it is for the Apple Watch, not the sports version, but it applies to our article.

Pricing and where to buy

The Apple Watch Sport is available for $349 and $399. You can get it from Apple or Amazon, take a look at the next image:

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons I like to evaluate and I like to summarize next.

The Apple Watch follows the same line as the iPhone, its functions are based on applications. It should not replace your iPhone but complements it, this is a pro and also a con, if you don’t own an iPhone you won’t get the best of this watch, so probably is a not to buy decision.

The phone integration is seamless. The Siri application works pretty well and is a must in this gadget because it will make easier to dictate some text or make an appointment without taking out your iPhone from your pocket.

The heart rate capabilities and the workout apps are must if you want it for exercise or playing a sport, you can select the exercise type and it measure your heart rate without the need for an external monitor.

The battery life is good but you can get better on other devices.

It is more status symbol than a practical device.

It’s hardware is great, has great support and personalization options, but it can be expensive.

Thank you for reading this Apple Watch Sports Review and I hope you liked it. Let us know what you think.

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Apple Watch Sport


Elegant and good looking


Fitness tracking app


Integration with iPhone







  • Functions based on applications
  • It works pretty well with the iPhone
  • It complements your iPhone functions
  • The fitness and health application are great
  • Heart rate monitor included in the device


  • You have to charge it every night
  • The price could be expensive

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