7 Diet Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

diet hacks

Today I’d like to review 7 diet hacks you need to know right now if you want to boost your sports performance and better your health.

I like to begin this article by recommending to follow them as you can, it will not just better your performances when you are playing sports, but also your overall health, and you can follow these recommendations if you are pleased because all of them are natural.

However, following the normal medical disclaimer, ask your physician or a health professional if you have any doubts.

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7 Diet Hacks You Need To Know Right Now

Why 7? Why not 10? Well, this is actually a recommendation, you can find as many as you want and can find out, but I think these seven recommendations are the better and simplest to start with.

1. Take your time

Take your time when you are having your breakfast, lunch and dinner, is the first hack, piece of advice someone can give you.

Forget those Fast-Food for necessity, and I’m not just talking about Hamburger, French Fries, and others. If you eat a proper meal in less than 10 minutes it can be as harmful as the other one.

Take your time to chew well, get in the mood to increase your eating satisfaction, let your body start your digestion easy and give yourself the time to understand you are eating so you can feel full sooner so you don’t have to overeat because you are still hungry.

It is also important to leave your smartphone behind. Stop the temptation to check your email or your messages while you are eating.

diet hacks

2. Water and fruit juice

Drink one or two glasses of water before you eat, or join your food with a glass of water or a full fruit juice.

The water before your meal will help you to feel full and eat less. If you can’t do that, then, join your meal with water instead of a soda or an artificial beverage.

A full glass of fruit will do, but try it directly from your blender, eat the whole fruit.

3. Fast exercise

If you don’t have time to exercise for a whole hour, don’t worry, there is a fast shortcut to this. Please note that I’m not recommending not to exercise, but, you may get into a fast routine before your meal.

A six-minute exercise will help you better digest your food. Also, a fast routine three times a day can help you to control your sugar blood levels.

4. Blue plates, smaller bowls

There are few researchers that found that if you use blue dishes, you eat less. It diminishes your appetite. Also, if you use smaller bowls you will tend to serve you less food and by the end, eat fewer calories. Both techniques use visual illusion to trick your brain.

diet hacks

5. Add cinnamon and a little spicy

These diet hacks you need to know is that cinnamon will help stabilize your blood sugar and of course, will take care of your insulin spikes. Both problems are not just long-term situations you want to avoid, but also, in the short term will decrease the number of cravings. Add cinnamon to your coffee, your beverage or your cereal.

If you spice it up you’ll find a pretty similar effect but this one will be produced by an increase in your metabolism and it will avoid the formation of fatty cells.

Both techniques in one diet hack are about reducing your waist size, better your cholesterol levels, control blood sugar and help you to loose weight.

6. Snacks

Get a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. This is pretty much like having 5 meals a day. However, if you can’t eat five times and are used to the three big ones (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), these snacks will control your appetite, especially if those snacks are raw vegetables or fruits.

Please, don’t go for a donut or french fries as a snack, avoid bad food and get some nutritious recommendations.

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7. Go for a walk

Go for a walk after your meal. If you took your time and enjoyed your meal, or if you couldn’t exercise before eating your lunch, after you finish your meal, go for a small walk, 10 minutes will be more than enough to control blood sugar.

Remember to ask a health professional after putting into practice these 7 Diet Hacks You Need To Know Right Now and tell us if you found them useful or have some other you may like.

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